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Your Simple 2 Step Routine

Scientifically formulated with plant-based and organic ingredients to combat bloating, promote clear skin and optimise immune system function. Made with nourishing Australian wholefoods for a variety of dietary preferences, including sensitivities and limited food intake.

  • Daily Greens and Protein

    Our 2-in-1 non-bloating protein and greens powder, packed with an impressive 20 grams of plant protein to keep you feeling satisfied even on your busiest days.


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  • Epic Bundle - Alkalising Super Greens x 10 - SAVE $100 - ElevenLabs - Plant Based Nutrition

    Super Antioxidant Boost

    A powerful blend of chlorophyll rich greens and antioxidant rich superfoods to deeply nourish from the inside out.


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✨ Over 500 Happy Customers ✨

Discover why more than 500 happy customers choose us as their go-to for all their nutrient needs.

Over 40 Serves of Veggies & Superfoods in Every Bag

Discover the ultimate plant-powered boost! With 2 tablespoons, get 2.7 serves of veggies and 20g of plant protein at only $3.99 per serve. That's less than your daily coffee fix!

The Perfect Healthy Gift

Celebrate your loved one, or treat yourself, to the ultimate healthy surprise - ideal for stashing in your gym bag or hand bag 💖

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Best Selling Bundles

Save up to $100 when you purchase a bundle

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Why ElevenLabs?

Experience the Difference

Transform your hectic lifestyle into a journey of nourishment with our innovative products. Designed to conquer the challenges of your busy days.

Unlock the power of our scientifically-crafted formula. A beacon of relief for those navigating a fast-paced life. Immerse yourself in a blend of high quality vegetables, plants, seeds, fruits, algae and herbs. A sanctuary free from gluten, dairy, sugar, sweeteners and stevia. No more compromises on nutrition. We've packed every spoonful with vitality, free from fillers and additives.

We craft each batch in small quantities, right here in Australia. Our commitment to quality ensures your well-being is our top priority.

As a proud female-founded business, we get your need for a convenient, effective solution to boost your health. Join the journey to optimal nutrition tailored to your busy life, exclusively with us!

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Explore Vogue's exclusive feature on our founder, Amy. Delve into her insights on debunking wellness myths, navigating health trends, and the inspiring journey of launching your own business.

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Premier's Food Industry Awards

Award Winning Protein & Greens

Discover ElevenLabs' and Amy's accolades as trailblazers in the Food Industry and Entrepreneurship. They've been winning prestigious awards in innovation since 2016.

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