Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products!

Recovered from surgery in a delicate place

"Since using your Alkalising Super Greens my digestion is a lot happier and I have recovered from surgery in a delicate place that we use daily because of your alkalising product. I also have more energy, cleaner digestive system and clear skin. I would recommend your products and I have already recommended them to my colorectal surgeon Dr Elizabeth Murphy in North Adelaide."

Sarah I


Improved Body Composition!

"I’ve been using ElevenLabs Plant Protein and Super Greens for over 6 months now. Before I bought it I was hesitant as I wasn’t able to sample the product before purchasing. Since I’ve been using ElevenLabs Plant Protein I’ve noticed I feel fuller for longer and it’s helped change my body composition.
I love that ElevenLabs has ensured that I can have a healthy, nutritious breakfast every day. It also tastes great even when it’s mixed with water when you’re on the go. I make it into smoothies, protein balls, and my favourite - protein pancakes!
I would definitely recommend ElevenLab’s Plant Protein and Super Greens! It tastes amazing and ensures that I am getting enough protein in my diet with the amount of training I do!" 

Sammie Johannes - Under 56kg Women's Powerlifting Winner


For the first time ever in my life I have strong healthy nails!

"Ive been using ElevenLabs for six months or so. I love the sugar free dairy free nature of the powder. One pleasant side effect I recently noticed is that for the first time ever in my life I have 10 strong, health evenly grown finger nails. ElevenLabs is the only thing that I have recently changed in my regular diet."

Courney Christie


Local SA product that offers Certified Organic Ingredients

"I am time poor but very health conscious. I have been working part time in the fitness industry for over 25 years and tried and researched many products that make many claims but ultimately have a network marketing motive. I have also worked in the food and beverage market, have a scientific background and well aware of labelling, ingredients, food additive laws, standards and chemical processes used to preserve food and beverages.
What I like about Eleven Labs is its a local SA product that offers certified organic ingredients with no fillers, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and chemicals !!! and it tastes and smells amazing!!!
I have been using the product for 6 months and have already recommended it to friends and family.
I have more energy and it doesnt make me feel bloated like some other products do." 

Maria Carracia - Goodlife Health Clubs Yoga Instructor


The perfect pre or post workout supplement
"ElevenLabs Plant Protein and Super Greens is the perfect pre or post workout supplement, containing the ideal amount of protein and essential nutrients for optimum recovery. As an athlete who cares about nutrition, I can trust that every Elevenlabs sachet contains only real, high quality ingredients that help me feel and perform at my best. Prior to finding Elevenlabs, I struggled to find a versatile protein supplement that I was not intolerant to. I love that Elevenlabs is free from diary, gluten and refined sugar; yet is also versatile enough to be added to smoothies, baking, or just mixed up with water for a quick superfood boost!"

Maeve Plouffe Under 19 2016 Cycling Australia Track National Championships


Tastes so good! 

"I've been adding the Plant Protein and Super Greens to my breakfast smoothies as it tastes so good! I love the fact that it's low in sugar, as I can add my own fruit to my meal, without blowing by daily intake."
Christina K
A breakfast that satisfies!

"After hitting the gym at 5.30am every morning I need a breakfast that satisfies! I add ElevenLabs Plant Protein and Super Greens to my delicious cacao pancakes, and I'm ready for the day ahead!"

Tyler R


Compensates my nutritional requirements 

"ElevenLabs makes me feel energized and it compensates my nutritional requirements in case I miss a meal. Best thing that I like about this product is it’s easy to use."

Nav S