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BCAAs - Antioxidants - Vitamins - Minerals

Metabolism Boosting and Liver Cleansing

ElevenLabs Superfood Protein Blend is a plant based blend of vegetables, superfoods and protein. It is perfect for people needing a convenient way to get high quality, organic nutrition. It is made from premium plant based ingredients that are organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non GMO and refined sugar free. There are no additives or preservatives.

Each of our organic ingredients have been carefully selected for their nutritional qualities and purity then blended in a specific ratio to maximise protein content and minimise carbohydrate. It is packed into small serve pouches convenient for when you’re on the go. Just add to your favourite milk, juice or smoothie recipe and raw or baked treats to give them a protein and nutrient boost.

With the busy lifestyles we lead it’s important to ensure we are fuelling our bodies with quality nutrition.