Our Process

Our Process

Ever wondered how our premium protein and greens powders come to life?

We're excited to take you through the process that brings our products from the farm to your hands.

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Farm to Table

Our story starts with hardworking organic farmers. They nurture the finest vegetables and ingredients with a commitment to quality.

We select each ingredient for its purity and nutritional value.

This sets the foundation for our nutrient-rich powders.

Preserving Nature's Goodness

Once harvested, our organic vegetables and ingredients undergo a unique drying process. We use low temperatures to remove moisture while keeping the nutrients from each ingredient.

The Transformation Begins

After the water's removed, we're left with pure, concentrated goodness in the form of dried ingredients. We then mill the dried ingredients into powders.

The Perfect Blend

Here's where the magic happens. These individual powders are then blended together in a proprietary ratio. No fillers, no additives. Only nature's bounty in perfect harmony. Ensuring you receive the ideal balance of essential nutrients with every scoop. 

Every step of our production process meets and exceeds industry regulations. The facility is also one of the few gluten free facilities in Australia.

Packaged with Care

Once blended to perfection, we package our nutrient-rich blend into our signature kraft bags. Sealed for freshness, each package preserves the vibrant colours and potent nutrients. Now it's ready to empower your wellness journey.

From every step from farm to smoothie, we're committed to your health, the integrity of our ingredients and the authenticity.

We take pride in delivering products that not only nourish your body but also show respect to the ingredients and farmers who grow them.