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3 Easy Recipe Hacks to Get More Veggies into Your Diet

It’s not all smoothies and healthy desserts over at ElevenLabs! We also eat savoury as well! 🤩⁠

But unless you love cooking and have the time, it can seem pretty onerous when it comes to making a healthy dinner.

Especially when you have many other competing priorities - think clients that won’t stop with the emails, fussy children or that washing that has been sitting there for days.⁠

Of course you can always whip out your Alkalising Super Greens powder! But in case you want to cook, we’ve listed three ways below you can easily incorporate more veggies into your meals without cooking any extra dishes. And you’ll hardly notice the taste! 😊⁠

1. Add zucchini to your meatballs or burger patties

No one we know really loves zucchini, but it makes for a great filler ingredient! We like to grate the zucchini and add it into the meatball mix before rolling. It cooks down nicely and tastes rather bland so you won’t notice it but it will make your meatballs more juicy! 🤤⁠


2. Add cauliflower to your mash

To decrease the starchy carb component of your usual mash potato, switch it up and replace half the potato with cauliflower. We recommend steaming the cauliflower first, or you can also boil it with the potatoes. Strain then mash away.


3. Add frozen spinach cubes

Add them to any pasta sauce, casserole or pie filling to UP your greens. You can buy packets of frozen spinach at most supermarkets and they are pretty cost effective. Plus you’ll save on washing and chopping fresh spinach. Add them frozen to your recipe half way through cooking to give them enough time to defrost and cook through.

👉🏼 Have you tried any of these hacks before? ⁠Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to know more!⁠

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