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Sample Pack - Plant Protein and Super Greens + Alkalising Super Greens

Sample Pack - Plant Protein and Super Greens + Alkalising Super Greens

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The ElevenLabs Sample Pack contains 2 pouches:

1 x Plant Protein and Super Greens

1 x Alkalising Super Greens

If you’ve found your way here looking for the best way to easily and effectively boost to your nutrition, you’ve found the right place!

ElevenLabs is not your average “protein powder” or health food! 

We use 100% natural plant-proteins to create our unique 1-of-a kind premium formula that is the most nutrient dense available. Each inclusion is carefully researched and selected for its ability to deliver real improvements to your wellness (+ a host of benefits your body will love)! 

In fact, just 100g of our product is equivalent to 2kg of the fresh ingredients like broccoli & spinach! That’s the kind of nutritional boost that can make a big difference to your day (and in such a simple way).



High Quality, Premium Ingredients

Formulated in Australia from premium quality, 100% plant-based ingredients and natural superfoods. Made from certified organic ingredients and carries a 5 Star Health Rating.

Versatile Health Boost

An all-in-one daily wholefood health supplement that can be easily added to any drink or sprinkled over food.

Powerful Nutrition

Low temperatures preserve the maximum nutrient quality & quantity, whilst being low in saturated fat & carbohydrates.

Enhanced Energy and Immunity

Enjoy improved wellbeing, enhanced energy, immune support, & build tone and lean muscle. 

Supports Gut Health

Supports gut health, is non-bloating & easily digestible. Vegan friendly, free from gluten, soy, dairy & additives. 

Easy & Uncomplicated Nourishment

Designed for quick daily use for busy lifestyles & people on the go. Boost your nutrition and satisfy your hunger (whilst feeling fuller for longer) naturally.

Muscle Recovery

A complete protein for muscle recovery, tissue building & repair, and enriched with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for optimum support.

Anti-ageing Benefits

Skin-loving antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals help support premature aging and the appearance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

Real Improvements, Naturally 

No gimmicks, no false promises, trends or confusing labels, just the 100% natural goodness your body deserves.



No matter your lifestyle, improving and maintaining your health is easier than ever with ElevenLabs. 

Our all-in-one nutritional health supplements are designed to support anyone with a busy lifestyle, and doesn’t want to compromise health and wellbeing. 

These packets will be ideal if you:

  • Want to stay or get healthy
  • Lack the time to prepare nutritious breakfasts/lunch 
  • Don’t receive enough nutrients in your current diet
  • Want to curb hunger cravings with a healthier option
  • Are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, gluten, dairy, soy or sugar intolerant
  • Need a pre/post workout recovery snack to keep you going until your next meal
  • Want a truly pure, healthy organic product!


Now spend just minutes (instead of hours) in the kitchen and save time with our convenient, daily organic greens powder. It can be easily enjoyed at home, or on-the-go. 

Just mix one sachet with anything you like for a quick superfood boost – in your favourite drink, or sprinkled over breakfast, and you’re ready for the day ahead!


Our products are formulated and made in Australia from premium quality, plant-based ingredients. 

The nutritionally dense blends contains the maximum amount of nutrients possible, and do not contain any:

  • Animal products or by-products
  • Free from gluten, dairy, soy, sugar/artificial sweeteners
  • NO additives, preservatives, GMO’s or other food fillers


Natural Tahitian vanilla bean with hints of rich Peruvian cacao.

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