Detox Plan

Feeling sluggish?

Need to loose a few kilo's?

Don't know what to eat?

You need our 14 Day Detox Meal Plan Recipe eBook.

It will cleanse your body, kick start your metabolism and get you excited about healthy, delicious food.

    Our 14 Day Meal Plan Recipe eBook includes:

    • 14 days of detoxifying and nourishing recipes to help cleanse your body
    • 56 pages of health tips, recipes, shopping list and meal plan
    • Delicious, easy recipes with lots of veg, superfoods and lean protein.
    • Practical timetable telling you exactly what to do to give you more freedom
    • Shopping lists
    • Tips on which foods benefit detoxification

    Reduce inflammation.

    Remove toxins.

    Get anti-ageing benefits.

    Loose weight.

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