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Innovation in Food and Business

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Today our Founder Amy Rose Hancock was in The Advertiser for being nominated as a finalist in both Food Innovation and Business Innovation in the South Australian Food Industry Awards.

We would like to thank Belinda Willis at The Advertiser as well as Catherine Sayer, CEO of Food SA and the whole team there. 

Amy says "ElevenLabs aims to make living healthy easier for the busy person so  we formulated the most naturally nutritious health food products. I hope the recognition from these awards gives people the confidence to try a South Australian product that is unique and truly good for you."

She originally created her formulas to solve a problem she had while working as an engineer at a mine site doing fly-in-fly-out. "There was a lack of nutritious food and food that was dairy, gluten and sugar free so I would pack all my own food and a mini blender and make myself a green smoothie every morning. The food was taking up all my room in my very small bag so I thought if I could dry everything and then just add liquid to a shaker then I could save on space and time but still get the same nutritional value."That's where the idea of ElevenLabs was born.
"I am discovering more and more people that have specific dietary needs and every day my customers tell me about how they're looking for easier and innovative ways to be healthy that fit in with their busy lifestyle so we are developing more ways we can support and cater to these needs. Currently I'm working on a special product that mums will love and they can contact us at our Facebook page to register their interest," says Amy.

A link to the whole article will be posted soon.

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