Food business response to COVID-19 pandemic

The food industry has been heavily impacted with increasing demand due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Grocery stores are ramping up prices and now rationing food. They're struggling to keep up with the growing demand of people wanting to keep the fridge and pantry stocked up.

I wanted to reassure you that as a registered Food business we maintain very high food safety standards, governed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

All our products are made in Australia and comply with the relevant legislation around food manufacturing.

We operate a batch manufacturing business and can assure you all current stock on hand was made prior to the outbreak.

Our Warehouse and Distribution team are closely following Federal Government and South Australian Health Department recommendations in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus and protect our customers.

ElevenLabs is continuing to deliver all our 100% plant-based, natural and nutritionally dense powders to our customers Australia wide, direct to your door.

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