Eating Style - Constant Craver

baby eating chocolate icecream with chocolate on face

You eat often. Nibbling a bit here and there helps get you through your day. But do you eat when doing other activities? Like checking emails, social media, watching TV, working…. and not notice this intake? Perhaps you can’t remember the last time you felt hungry, or full? Are you aware of just how much you eat in a day?


Healthy Eating Tips

It could help you to start off with a food diary over 24 hours of when, what and how much you are currently eating. Then, for the next 24 hours, schedule specific meals and times to eat, and eat at those allocated times only. Try to eat slowly and mindfully and not too get distracted. Make sure to include healthy fats, low-GI carbs and a protein-rich food in your meals to help you feel full for longer. 
Reflect on how you ate, then schedule your following day’s intake so you can make adjustments as necessary. Be patient as you make alterations. Remember that some old and ingrained habits take time to change.


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