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ElevenLabs - 100% Organic Vegan Plant Protein

ElevenLabs Blender Bottle

ElevenLabs Blender Bottle

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Blender Bottle - USB Chargeable

Mix your favourite smoothies, and protein shakes on-the-go in the ElevenLabs Blender Bottle. Specially designed for your busy lifestyle so you don't need to compromise your health and wellbeing.

Perfect for whipping up quick smoothies or healthy juices, ElevenLabs Blender Bottle is easy to use and super portable. It helps you live healthier while keeping your energy level sky-high. Make breakfast a breeze, reinvent lunch or fuel your workout all while saving time and money.

ElevenLabs Blender Bottle makes silky-smooth protein shakes & green smoothies. Plus creamy frozen lattes, juices, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces, and so much more. We’ll send you a new recipe straight to your inbox each week to inspire creativity and ensure you get the most out of your portable blender.

Easy to Use Blender Bottle

It’s so easy and convenient to use. You can keep it at home or take it to the office or gym so you can keep up your healthy lifestyle no matter where you are!

Add your favourite ingredients to the blender and leave them stored inside until it's time to mix.

  1. Add pre-cut fruits or veggies filling the cup to the fill line mark.
  1. Add liquid like water, milk or plant milk.
  1. Double click the switch, blend and enjoy!

Portable Blender Bottle

Save yourself from poor eating habits and energy slumps. Our blender bottle is lightweight & durable. Just pop it in your bag and make your favourite drink, smoothie or meal replacement anywhere you go. Lasts up to 10 blends before recharging.


Add water, 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid, screw the lid on and blend for 4-5 seconds. Repeat until clean, rinse, and dry.


Designed to help you live well.

USB-Chargeable Blender Bottle

Charge and go! Made with a USB rechargeable battery and compact design, this portable blender is perfect for use at home, in the office or gym and much more. Plug it in wherever is most convenient, or into a computer or power bank, to top up on charge and keep blending!

Product details

  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Dimensions/Size: 9.2cm (L) x 9.2cm (W) x 18.3cm (H)
  • Material: BPA free plastic
  • Power source: USB rechargeable
  • Voltage: DC 7.4V
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cord
  • 2.5 hour charging time


  • Magnet contact charging
  • Safe, waterproof and BPA free
  • Electroplated decoration ring
  • Unit can work 10 times continuously in a fully charged state

Additional Information

This blender is designed for blending soft fruit and vegetables. It is not designed for crushing ice or blending of hard items such as nuts.

Instruction Manual

Warning: Keep away from babies and children. Follow usage instructions carefully.

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