5 Ingredient Superfood Truffle Balls

5 ingredient superfood truffle balls with elevenlabs by panaceas pantry

Note: This recipe has been updated to include an option with our new Plant Protein and Super Greens.

These are our new favourite energy balls and they take only 5 minutes to whip up. They’re such a crowd pleaser and are packed full of nutrients. We love using Brazil nuts to get our daily dose of selenium. Researches from the University of Copenhagen have demonstrated that naturally found selenium boosts the immune system to help fight off certain cancers. You could swap the brazil nuts for any soft nut (cashews, walnuts or pecans would work). The ElevenLabs Superfood Supplement give the balls a rich flavour and are so moreish perfectly paired with dark chocolate.

 5 ingredient superfood truffle balls by panaceas pantry with elevenlabs supplement


5 ingredient superfood truffle balls with elevenlabs by panaceas pantry 


  1.  Add brazil nuts to a food processor, and process until small crumbs have formed.
  2. Add ElevenLabs and cinnamon, and pulse to combine.
  3. Add dates and water, then pulse until a sticky ball has formed.
  4. Using wet hands, roll into balls. We used a Tablespoon measurement to portion the mixture. This gave 18 balls.
  5. If desired, coat balls in melted chocolate and dust with raw cacao powder.

Thank you to Panacea's Pantry for the recipe and great photos!

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